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    ASPS has one of the largest bike patrol divisions in the security industry. We service a wide variety of clients such as office buildings, business towers, shopping centers, etc. In order to offer the best service possible, ASPS has developed a comprehensive training and bike maintenance program – ensuring that all of our officers are properly trained and well equipped to perform their bike patrol duties in the safest and most effective manner. Our bike patrol guards are equipped with the all proper and required gear to perform their duties. Bicycle patrols are more common in temperate urban areas where limited coverage areas are available.



    Our service area including:

    • Commercial and Residential Buildings

    • Shopping Malls and Superstores

    • Banks and Credit Unions

    • Construction Sites

    • Hotels

    • Hospitals

    • Provincial and Federal Government Buildings

    • Healthcare Centres 

    • Ports Security

    • Industrial Security

    • Warehouses


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