Armour Security provides our employees the opportunity to grow. If you have a passion for security or  a desire to join the police force, Armour Security is the best path. Armour Security gives you the opportunity to work with our management team consisting of former police officers and military officers, with extensive connections to people who are working in the industry. We are always looking for the best candidates to join our team. 


ASPS recruits qualified applicants for a variety of positions on our team. We encourage you to explore the following categories to determine the type of position that most closely fits your background and interests: 


 - Security Officers

 - Security Supervisors

 - Human Resources 

 - Marketing

 - Sales 

 - Operations

 - Administration

 - Accounting 

 - Body Guards

 - Private Investigators

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Be a part of our success and join our team.

For any inquiries or questions, please call 1-877-374-1392 or fill out the following form

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