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Q1. How to become a certified security officer?

A1: To start a career as a security guard in every province of  Canada, you must take Basic Security Training and have a BST license in that province.


Q2. How to get a job as a security guard?

A2: You must have a basic security guard license, and you can apply to your local companies once you have a BST license.


Q3. Can I get my security guard license online?

A3: There are many schools in every province where you can get your security guard training online. Once you have a BST certificate, you can apply for the security guard license in your province.


Q4. What qualifications do security guards need?

A4: You must be physically fit as the job requires extensive hours of standing and walking. You must have good communication and a sense of wrong vs right.


Q5. How long does it take to get a security guard license?

A5: Every province usually has 40 hours of BST training, but it depends on every province’s training and application process time.


Q6. I am looking for security guard job opportunities in your company?

A6: Please go to and apply for security jobs.


Q7. I am looking for armed security guard training near me?

A7: There is no armed security guard training in Canada, but you can get your Gun License and BST. Armed security guards are only used to escort valuable items or cash in Canada.


Q8. Can anyone be hired to be a security guard?

A8: You must have no criminal record and BST license to be hired as a security guard.

Q9 What can security guards legally do in Canada?

A9: Security guards act as agents for the property owners to maintain peace and law orders in their properties.

Q10 I am looking for temporary security guards services near me?

A10: Armour Security can provide you with a guard within two hours. Call us at 1-877-374-1392.

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