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  • Armour Security & Protection Services Corp. provides concierge services for high-end residential buildings and hotels. All of our concierges are licensed as security guards with highlighted customer service skills. They have several years of experience and are well trained and detail-oriented. With the help of our software, our concierges can keep all records of property maintenance issues and send an online report. Our software also helps in the transfer of keys with an efficient record.  

    Our concierges are all trained with our required In-house Building Operations course at Armour University so they can respond to any emergency situation in an efficient manner. 

    They are also trained in the following tasks:

    1.  Greeting people and providing customer services

    2.  Transferring  of parcels and keys 

    3.  Enforcing bylaws and city laws

    4.  Performing all security jobs for securing residents in buildings 

    5.  Monitoring camera and access control system 


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