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  • One of the biggest challenges that companies face is the loss of revenue due to theft. In retail shops, there are far too many incidents on stolen inventory. At Armour Security, we provide effective and efficient loss prevention services to prevent this challenge and concern. A loss prevention officer is an undercover security officer who is responsible for observing, detaining, and arresting shoplifters. Our loss prevention team is also trained to provide evidence of shoplifters in court. Our loss prevention unit Manager has a 24-year police experience and expert in assisting all of our loss prevention officers.

    As we know loss prevention is not what everyone can do, we have a special loss prevention officers team who have more than 4 years of experience in loss prevention. Our team made over 1000 arrests in the past. 

    All our loss prevention officers have 3 more training courses post their  B.S.T and A.S.T before they start to work as LPO officers. They have also had an in-house loss prevention training certificate that they need to renew after 1 year.  So for renewing their Loss prevention certificate they have to attend and pass In-house loss prevention training every year.


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