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  • Armour Security specialists and consultants have experience in providing industry-leading security consulting for securing your offices, your corporations, your employees, your facilities, and your assets. Our security consultants have provided security consulting to private clients, big corporations, big malls, educational institutions, government, hospitals, etc in securing and protecting physical, monetary, and information capital. They are experts in assessing risk, review policies, and mitigating risk. Our security consultants are licensed and certified by the justice institute of BC.


    Our clients are:

    •  Private Schools and Educational Institutions

    •  Big Shopping malls and Business Tower

    •  Foreign Embassies and ambassadors

    •  Residential Houses and Towers. 


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Interested in security services? Call us at 1-877-374-1392 to get a quote!

Tel: 1-877-374-1392     |     sales@armoursecuritycanada.com

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