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  • Nowadays, people place a heavy emphasis on electronic security. Electronic security includes devices such as security cameras, burglar alarms, and security systems. Armour Security & Protection Services work with you to implement a personalized, electronic security system that will protect you and your investments. We sell, install, and monitor all security systems, cameras, and burglar alarms. We will ensure that your residential and commercial properties are safe and secure. If a burglar alarm is set off our mobile patrol guards will respond faster than our competitors. 

    We design, sell, install, and monitor the following security products:

    • Burglar alarms for home, offices, retail shops, store, and other commercial properties

    • Residential security system

    • Commercial security system

    • Security cameras

    • Security alarm

    • CCTVs

    • Online security cameras system

    • Security camera monitoring

    Our licensed consultants will work with you to develop a comprehensive security plan free of charge, and then provide recommendations of what security systems your properties need.


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