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  • At Armour Security & Protection Services,  we are dedicated to providing the "Right Person for the Right Job". We train and educate our security guards to ensure they understand their legal responsibilities and site post orders. We guarantee that when you ask for something, it's our  #1 responsibility to provide it!  We provide fully uniformed security guards to guarantee that vandalism, trespassing, etc will not occur on your property. In addition, we conduct random inspections of our staff to ensure superior service and accountability.  We also ensure that our security guards are using the latest equipment and technology.

    We require our guards to go through the 9 steps hiring process: 

    1.  Initial Written Application

    2.  Initial Pre-Screening

    3.  Phone Interview

    4.  In-Person Interview

    5.  Aptitude Test

    6.  Second Interview

    7.  Background and Reference Check

    8.  Criminal Record Check

    9.  Management Interview

    10.  Offer of Employment

    We are the first security company in to introduce the use of technology.  Our Armour Security Software tracks our guards on Google Maps to make sure they are patrolling, on-site, etc. Our mobile patrols are GPRS equipped and monitored by our head office on google map.

    Our service areas are: 

    • Commercial and Residential Buildings

    • Shopping Malls and Superstores

    • Banks and Credit Unions

    • Construction Sites

    • Hotels

    • Hospitals

    • Provincial and Federal Government Buildings

    • Healthcare centres 

    • Ports Security

    • Industrial Security

    • Warehouses

    • Retail stores

    • Events

    • Clubs 



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