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Vancouver Security Guard Services

Best Vancouver Security Services Provider

Armour Security is the best Security Guard Services and Loss Prevention Officers provider in BC. Armour Security is fully licensed to provide security guard services, private investigation services and security consultant services. Our head office is located at 7-7541 Conway Avenue in Burnaby, British Columbia. We have a team of 350 Full-time and Part-time BST licensed security guards. Our security guards are the best-trained guards in the industry in BC, and they are consistently getting trained with our Online university, Armour Campus. We provide customized security solutions to retail stores, banks, shopping malls, government facilities, commercial properties, warehouses, private schools and education institutions, construction sites etc., in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We are the leader in the security services of BC, and we provide the best trained and the best-paid security guards in BC. We also offer Residential Concierge Services, Loss Prevention Services, Bodyguard Services, Mobile Patrol Services, Private Investigation Services and Security Consultant Services.

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